About Dani

Dani Montgomery is a law enforcement wife and mother to two young toddlers. Even as a young child, her answer to “what do you want to be when you grow up?” was the same as her mothers: I want to be a mom. In  elementary school, she wrote essays about her future children and her dreams for the future. It was never a question of if she would be a mother, but rather when.

As a teenager, a fear of needles caused her to question standard hospital births and she began digging deeper into the research that supported natural birth and home births for low risk mothers. She decided then  as a young teen that all her children would be born at home if God allowed it. Thankfully, he did. Both of her children were born peacefully at home under the supervision of a midwife after taking Bradley Method classes. The experiences were so amazing and surreal that she just had to share them with anyone that would listen and her passion is helping other moms achieve their own positive birth stories.

She is also a massive advocate for breastfeeding, holistic health, allergen-friendly recipes, extended nursing, homeschooling and the constitutional right of medical informed consent.

Our family would not be complete without Arwen, our dog, and three cats: Lucy, Severus and Kingsley.

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