I love The Bradley Method

10 Reasons why I love The Bradley Method ®

There are many different types of childbirth training you can choose from if you desire a natural childbirth. Lamaze, Hypnobirthing, Faith-based programs and dozens more. However, I want to share ten reason to why I love The Bradley Method®.

1. It works!

The number one goal for The Bradley Method® is a healthy mom and healthy baby, but they brag an amazing rate that cannot help but stun the medical community. The Bradley Method® boasts over 86% of students that complete a 12 week course have had spontaneous, unmedicated vaginal births. With numbers like that, it is no wonder people are so passionate about it!

2. Husbands are active participants in the birth.

It is so common that the husband takes a passive role in pregnancy, birth and then that bleeds into fatherhood. The Bradley Method® believes the father should play an active roll from conception onward. They act as the accountability partner, coach and cheerleader and biggest supporter.

3. Mothers tune in to their body rather than tuning out.

The world is loud and there are voices everywhere telling us what we should and should not do. Unfortunately, many get to the point that they let those voices drown out their own instincts and they will suppress their own intuition based on the advice of another. This is not the case with The Bradley Method®. Students eliminate distractions so that they can make decisions that are best for them in the moment.

4. Instructors emphasize informed consent.

Informed consent is impossible in the moment. Students seek out the information before it is needed and this is a big part of why there are twelve classes. There is so much information involved and so many questions to ask to launch parents into their own decision making process. Parents can only make an informed decision by considering the pros and cons of each choice can

5. Teachers lay out options, not commands.

Rather than tell you what you should choose, teachers simply lay out all your options and help you weigh the benefits and risks of each possibility. They ask questions and the parents are the ones responsible for deciding the outcome. Students create a birth plan specific to their needs and desires.

6. Research is encouraged.

Students should do their own research rather than take the teacher’s word. Wisdom is not taking words at face value simply because it comes from an authority figure. Students take responsibility of filling in any additional information in order to make an informed decision.

7. A major emphasis is put on remaining healthy.

Parents can read and learn all day long, but The Bradley Method® encourages putting everything into practice on a daily basis. Mothers must exercise daily and fathers are encouraged to help them and hold them accountable. Also, the class weighs heavily on nutrition being the primary focus on staying low risk. Teacher recommend The Brewers Diet to make sure everyone is getting their required nutrients.

8. Classes are kept intimate.

No one wants to be lost in a crowd, so classes are limited to 3-8 couples at a time. Teachers split larger classes in two in order to keep them small and intimate. Student’s needs are met through the encouragement of conversations and deeper connections. This individual attention increases productivity and retention of information.

9. The information is comprehensive.

Information covered includes nutrition, exercise, being more comfortable during pregnancy, the coaches role, introductory information about labor and birth, advanced techniques for labor and birth, complications, cesarean sections, postpartum care, breastfeeding  and caring for your new baby. Teachers also discuss less common topics like reducing the need for episiotomies and tears, avoiding unnecessary cesareans, how to react if a cesarean does happen and the coach’s role if baby is born before they arrive to their birth location.

10. Teachers value the mechanics of birth.

Information covers what happens during birth, but more importantly it elaborates why it happens and why it is important. Women’s bodies are miracle workers on how they can conceive, grow and birth their babies and The Bradley Method® highlights the little details. Teachers present information on the mechanics of labor.

Parents love The Bradley Method®. Are you interested in learning more? Find a teach near you at www.BradleyBirth.com.

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