10 Gifts for Mom-to-Be

Pregnancy can be super stressful. Ever expectant mother deserves a little bit of pampering and love. Here are some ways you can pamper a mom-to-be and help her relax during pregnancy.

Gifts for Mom-to-be

1. A doula or birthkeeper

Regardless of her birth plan, every mama need some support to get through pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum. Doulas are women that are knowledgeable in the art of birth and professionally provide emotional and mental support. They vary in their services, but I guarantee you that every mama could use one in some way shape or form. You could find an antepartum doula who helps a mama just during pregnancy, especially if it is particularly tough due to complications. Maybe mama would benefit best from a birth doula to walk along with her as she transitions into a mother. Perhaps she needs a sibling doula to handle older siblings while she is birthing her newest babe or even a postpartum doula to help her rest so she can have a much smoother recovery. Talk to mama and see what needs she has that has yet to be filled. You can find local doulas on doulamatch.net.

2. Bring dinner

Dinner is a necessity, but all that cooking and cleaning up afterwards can take a toll on someone who is already using up all her energy creating a human being. Give her the night off by bringing over a yummy, nutritious dinner. Make sure you talk to her first about any dietary restrictions, but she will be thrilled to have one less meal to worry about.

3. Childcare

This one applies if the expectant mother has children already. Volunteer to take her kid to the park, to lunch, to the zoo or wherever so she can take a nap, maybe bath for the first time in days or just sit back and relax. Gestating is tiring enough without adding parenting on top of it all. You could also offer to stay home with the kids so she could go out with some girlfriends, eat alone for once, run some errands or just read a book at the park. This is a HUGE gift to any mother.

4. A Photographer

We all love to document our lives from engagements, weddings, birthdays, and all other forms of celebration and life milestones. Many forget to prioritize one of the most miraculous milestones ever: the birth of new life! A great photographer can help capture these memories that mama will treasure forever. There are several types of photography gifts you could choose from: maternity, birth, fresh48 or newborn. Each captures a different stage of this wonderful transition to motherhood and many photographers that offer one of these will also offer others. Personally, my favorite by far is birth photography. When she is in the throws of labor, mama will miss so many emotions and details around her. She will treasure seeing these special moments for years to come!

5. Spa salt bath

Pregnancy brings all kinds of aches, pains and swelling. Draw up a hot bat including epson salts and give her an hour to enjoy some relaxing time for herself. Want to make it that much more enjoyable? Light some candles, set out a diffuser with oils (Balance and Serenity are my favorites for relaxing) and set out some calming music.

6. Massage

This one is super easy and probably free if you do it yourself. All you need is a lotion or oil and you can massage all that tension away. With her whole body shifting balance and structure, a massage will be greatly appreciated. Not wuite feeling up to the task yourself? Buy a gift card and let a professional take over.

7. Gift Basket – great expectations

This gift basket is precious. It has all kinds of goodies for mothers-to-be to enjoy during pregnancy and would make a fantastic gift yo send to her at work or at her baby shower. If features a pregnancy journal, lotions and spa products and is completely made in the USA.

8. New parents pregnancy 2018 mugs

Is she a coffee or tea lover? Who can have enough coffee cups? Certainly not me. Memorialize this major milestone by getting cups to remember the occassion that you can use faily enjoying your morning brew.

9. Bump Box

This nifty box set includes different stages depending on where she is in her pregnancy. It has little gifts that are catered directly to her needs at that time. you can get one for first trimester, second trimester, third trimester or fourth trimester (postpartum).


10. Essential Oils and Diffusor

I would have been lost without my essential oils during pregnancy and birth. My favorite blends are Balance and Serenity, but I also used Pepperment, Wild Orange and Lemon a lot. Make sure you do your research about essential oils and dilute them correctly, but they can be wonderfully beneficial for health physically, emotionally and mentally.

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