How do I Become a Doula?

Doulas are amazing women changing the world for the better. They are so beneficial that many are looking into adopting the career themselves to pay it forward and help women have better birth experiences.

If you are not sure what exactly a doula does, you can click here and read “What does a Doula actually Do?”

If you have ever considered becoming a doula, the first thing you need to do is research. There are dozens of trainings available across the planet and none of them are created equal. Some are more business based. Some prefer focusing on a specialty like postpartum work or bereavement doula training. Doulas can have training for all kinds of specialties including:

  • Conception doula
  • Anteparum (during pregnancy) doula
  • Birth doula
  • Virtual doula
  • Postpartum doula
  • Sibling doula
  • Bereavement doula
  • Abortion doula
  • Death doula

Some of these might interest you more than others. Some might be a deal breaker for you and your personal beliefs. Either way, you need to see where your interests lie and which company represents the your values.

Is your training company of choice important?

Yes. Absolutely 100% yes. Personally, there are some companies of which I would choose to avoid anyone affiliated with their program. Not that the individual is good or bad, but if they choose to broadcast their training through a program whose values very much challenge my own then we are likely not a good fit. This is why I created this blog post.

If you know of a company not included or have feedback on a specific company listed and would like it included, please send me an email. I would love more reviews of each training so people can make informed choices on which company fits them best.





Honestly, ProDoula is very controversial within the doula

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